Reprinted from a Visario/CFG Media/Columbia Financial Group press release:

(San Carlos, CA)-PR Newswire News Feature-November 6, 2001-The big
millennium devastation of dotcoms did not kill the Internet, but it did
change the way it will grow.

“From here on out you will see the growth, literally, in the form of
digital video, everywhere,” says Jim Newcomb, President and CEO of Vizario,
a development stage tech company in Silicon Valley.
Newcomb’s company has a clear focus on that image. Vizario is now
a video condenser (V V C) that extends Windows XP’s already potent digital
video capabilities.

Vizario’s patented technology empowers knowledge
workers in all kinds of businesses to use digital video more intensively
right from their desktops, without hiring developers or programmers.
Newcomb believes on-line interactive videos will become as commonplace as
Powerpoint for business presentations.

“We designed our video software specifically for Windows XP, and
consequently Microsoft is featuring V V C in their on-line software catalog,
at,” Newcomb continues. “Sure, there are other players in
the Internet digital media space, but we believe Microsoft’s format will
emerge as the de-facto standard.”

V V C reduces the size and bandwidth of Windows media digital video files,
automatically creating previews. Viewers can browse these highly condensed
video “thumbnails”, without waiting to download entire files. V V C
mini-movies are easy to share over the Internet, even with 56k modems.
Vizario’s technology will also make it easier for hand-held wireless devices
to get a glimpse of the future as well. “Wireless network system operators
will find our condenser an effective way to reduce the load placed on their
systems by digital video browsing, because V V C reduces both the file size
and bandwidth of video clips. As a result, video-intensive Internet access
can be better achieved on hand-helds,” says Newcomb.

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