Industry Support for DVD+RW Grows as Products Hit Shelves

Reprinted from a Business Wire press release:

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 12, 2001–Dell, Hewlett-Packard Company, Mitsubishi Chemical/Verbatim, Philips Electronics, Ricoh, Sony, Thomson and
Yamaha today announced increasing industry support for DVD+RW as the premier choice for consumers seeking rewritable DVD. During an event scheduled today at
Comdex 2001, the DVD+RW Alliance –a group of companies committed to the benefits of the DVD+RW standard — will offer attendees a chance to test
retail-available DVD+RW products.

Keynote speakers including John C. Dvorak, Tech TV host and PC Magazine columnist, will discuss the consumer benefits of rewritable DVD products, state of the
rewritable industry and future DVD+RW Alliance activities. Providing an Alliance update, John Hamlin, vice president and general manager of consumer business,
Dell, will disclose future plans for the DVD+RW Alliance.

“DVD+RW was designed to provide consumers with an easy to use rewritable DVD standard with broad applications in video and data,” said Hamlin. “Today, we want
you to see and test for yourselves the benefits we’ve worked hard to perfect and establish as a long-term rewritable DVD solution for beginners and experts alike.”

According to industry analyst Wolfgang Schlichting, research manager of International Data Corporation, “The DVD+RW format addresses compatibility with other
DVD devices, a key attribute for a successful rewritable DVD format. The format’s emphasis on video recording and editing will be attractive for consumers looking to
purchase a recordable DVD product.”

DVD+RW Alliance Executive Member Products

— Dell — Dell will ship DVD+RW drives later this year in Dell

Dimension desktops and Dell Precision workstations, providing
both consumer and professional users the ability to record and
playback their digital media.

— HP DVD-Writer dvd100i — HP is now shipping the HP DVD-Writer
dvd100i, a super combination drive that allows consumers to
create custom CDs and DVDs using one drive. Additionally, HP
will begin shipping the first DVD+RW drive in a pre-configured
PC, the new HP Pavilion 9995 home PC, on Nov. 18. The drive is
also available now through HP’s build-to-order program. HP
DVD+RW discs are also available in retails stores with 4.7GB
storage capacity.

— Philips DVDRW208 DVD+RW PC drive — Philips has started
shipment of its DVDRW208 DVD+RW PC drive, a combination drive
that is optimized for both video and data storage, allowing
customers to read and write CDs and DVDs. In addition, Philips
already introduced DVD+RW 4.7GB discs and its award-winning
DVDR1000 DVD+RW video recorder, a device that makes it easy
for consumers to create digital-quality video recordings in
the living room. It includes a time-shift recorder for TV
programs and is an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy
and preserve their own movies on a reliable and user-friendly

— Ricoh MP5120A — Ricoh is shipping the Ricoh MP5120A, PC
drive, which has DVD+RW and CD-R/CD-RW writing capability.
Additionally, Ricoh 4.7GB DVD+RW discs are shipping for use
with video and data storage.

— Sony Corporation — Also showing its support for the DVD+RW
format, Sony today introduced a combination DVD+RW/CD-RW
internal drive (model DRU110A/C1) that can be easily installed
inside a desktop PC, and 4.7GB DVD+RW disc media (DPW47)
optimized for both video/audio and data storage applications.
The new Sony drive and media will be available this month
through nationwide retailers, mail order catalogs and select
online shopping sites including

— Verbatim DVD+RW — Verbatim Corporation is selling 4.7GB
DVD+RW discs around the world for the PC and consumer
electronics markets.

— Yamaha Corporation — Yamaha Corporation announced that it
will release a DVD+RW CE recorder in 2002.

As DVD+RW gains momentum, the DVD+RW Alliance continues to introduce new member companies to the group. Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, the leading
European computer company that offers one of the world’s most complete product and solution portfolios, recently announced that it joined ranks as a standing
member of the DVD+RW Alliance. This brings the total membership to about 45 companies, including the eight executive members.

According to Klaus Nicolai, vice president, business unit consumer of Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, the company joined the Alliance because, “DVD+RW is the only
technology that offers the right level of compatibility and performance that our customers demand.”

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