Hands-Off Camcorder Lens Control

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

VariZoom, a professional video camera control manufacturer, has created the StealthZoom, specifically for the Mini DV/Hi8 prosumer camcorder market. StealthZoom allows shooters to keep their hands off their camcorders, which should help eliminate unwanted jitter and noise while recording. Built specifically for Sony and Canon camcorders, StealthZoom controls include variable-speed zoom, manual focus, record/pause and a wake-up from stand-by functions.

The StealthZoom, which uses proprietary TAL technology, is designed to clamp onto a tripod, jib or shoulder support, with minimal weight and bulk, according to the company.

VariZoom says that StealthZoom, which allows hands-free cam operation, will enable hobbyists and prosumers to move a step closer to broadcast standards.

With an anticipated winter release, StealthZoom will have a $299 suggested retail price.

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