Cyberlink Digital Video Applications Optimized for Intel P4

Reprinted from a Cyberlink press release:

Taipei, Taiwan—-November 14, 2001—-CyberLink Corp., a leading software developer of digital video and streaming multimedia applications, is proud to announce continued support for the latest microprocessor technology from Intel. Further illustrating its dedication to enabling computer users to apply the latest technologies to increase digital video enjoyment, CyberLink is excited to unveil new products that are optimized for the Intel Pentium 4 processor. The Intel Pentium 4 processor provides the world’s fastest CPU technology and allows many of today’s best software applications to further expand the benefits of today’s PC systems. In conjunction with the world’s best digital video software applications from CyberLink, the Intel Pentium 4 processor dramatically reduces the time it takes to work with multimedia rich information and handles multi-tasking with ease.

At this year’s COMDEX, Intel will work with the industry to exhibit software applications optimized for the Pentium 4 processor at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). CyberLink PowerDirector Pro, the complete solution for making movies on CDs and DVDs, shall be demonstrated to show how the new Pentium 4 processor allows for fast, real time transcoding of video in DV format to high bit rate MPEG-2 format. Additionally, CyberLink PowerDVD, PowerVCR II and StreamAuthor take full advantage of the powerful Pentium 4 processor to perform video capture and high-quality encoding into various digital formats and rich-media presentations. With the Pentium 4 processor, featuring clock speeds up to 2 GHz, CyberLink software applications allow digital video production to be fast and enjoyable.

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