New ShuttlePRO Application Settings Announced for Popular Editing Systems

Reprinted from a Contour Design press release:

WINDHAM, NH– (October 16, 2001) – Contour Design, Inc. today announced new Application Settings for the ShuttlePRO. Contour Design now has the support for the 1000 and 9000XL models of Avid Media Composer v10 and v10.5, Avid Xpress DV v2.0, Symphony, and Pinnacle Commotion, and Adobe AfterEffects 5.0 systems.

The USB-based ShuttlePRO is an amazingly flexible and powerful editing tool with its thirteen buttons, a jog wheel, and a shuttle knob that are fully programmable to any keyboard shortcut. Readily usable with a host of creative applications, the hardware of the ShuttlePRO has been designed and developed both for ergonomic integrity and for maximum productivity. The supplied Application Settings are those keyboard shortcuts that users most-commonly employ when using the ShuttlePRO for multimedia editing. The “shuttle knob” is the outer ring that facilitates fast forward and rewind for quick access of digital frames. The “jog wheel” is the internal portion of the knob, which provides precise frame-by-frame control. The controller is supplied with easy to use software that allows users to customize it for their favorite audio, video, and multimedia applications.

The ShuttlePRO proves to be the most cost-effective jog and shuttle controller for video and audio editing on the market. Its ability to navigate quickly through virtually any application, high productivity software with settings for the most commonly used applications, and user flexibility to change the settings, enhances personal productivity.

The ShuttlePRO currently supports Mac OS 8.6 through 9.1 and Windows 2000. Future releases are planned for Mac OS X and Windows 98, 98SE, ME, and XP.

The ShuttlePRO is reasonably priced and is now shipping. You may obtain a complete list of dedicated dealers by contacting Contour Design at 800-462-6678 or by visiting Contour Design’s website at

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