CEA Announces New IEEE 1394 Logos and Terminology

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

In an effort to aid retail sales staffs in determining product compatibility and simplify purchasing decisions for consumers, the Consumer Electronics Association announced, on Oct. 24, approval of DTVLink, a term and logo for the IEEE 1394 standard connector. The logos were crafted by the CEA’s 1394 Interface Strategy Working Group and approved by the CEA Video Division Board.

The IEEE 1394 serial interface, developed by Apple and later adopted as a standard by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, allows quick transfers of large amounts of data, including digital video. Apple gave it the commonly used term, FireWire, and Sony dubbed it i.LINK.

The new 1394 interface logos, the CEA said, were developed with the goal of allowing consumers to see a product on a store shelf, note the graphic logo, and then match that logo with another product they already own or may want to purchase. Through this matching logo process, the consumer would readily recognize the compatibility of the two products.

The baseline 1394, DTVLink, the CEA Video Division Board said, would apply to a product capable of interfacing with other products with the following minimum attributes: Utilizes a 1394 serial connection; conforms to the applicable EIA/CEA technology and standards profiles based on EIA-849; and uses the Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP or 5C) system.

Additional monikers include DCAMLink, DVDLink and WEBLink. These auxiliary terms may be used in conjunction with the baseline DTVLink logo, but will not be a required descriptor.

DCAMLink indicates the product can process digital video content streams according to technical standards established by EIA and CEA.

DVDLink and WEBLink have been adopted as descriptors, but remain to be further clarified as the standard is developed, the CEA said.

Use of these logos will require an agreement between CEA and the manufacturer. Each company will be responsible for self-certification and testing their products it determines to conform to the new names.

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