TitleMotion Streamlines Titles and Effects for Avid Users

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Inscriber Technology has released TitleMotion AVX, to aid Windows-based Avid users in creating video titles and motion effects. Supporting Avid’s Symphony, Media Composer, Xpress and Xpress DV, TitleMotion includes more than 200 pre-designed templates, dozens of animation templates and 200 new text styles, according to Inscriber. It is also said to offer Avid users features such as rolls, crawls, soft-edge shadows, drawing tools, background import, a text-on-a-path feature and several productivity tools.

With TitleMotion’s keyframe-based animation component, says Inscriber, video producers can create multi-layered animations from any title and fly text, graphics, logos and draw objects around the screen. TitleMotion also includes a feature, which Inscriber calls unique, that allows editors to animate each character of a title independently. Every moving object, including characters, can be flipped, twisted, skewed or rotated, the company said.

The AVX moniker in the product name refers to Avid Visual eXtensions, and architecture that allows Avid to include third party products such as TitleMotion.

Inscriber TitleMotion AVX for Avid products is now available with a suggested retail price of $595.

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