Canons Elura has Allure

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Canon is keeping the Mini DVs coming with its October release of the Elura 20MC. Touted as being about the size of a cell phone, the diminutive Mini DV will feature three shooting modes, FireWire connectivity, image stabilization, a 10x optical zoom lens, progressive scan CCD image sensor and digital stereo sound.

Canon says that, in extended recording mode, the Elura 20MC will deliver four hours of video on a single 80-minute Mini DV tape. It will also record still photos. To manage, retrieve and download digital photos, the Elura 20MC accepts the MultiMediaCard, as well as the Secure Digital Card.

Canon expects fashion-conscious videographers to gravitate to the Elura 20MC because of its petite size (two inches wide by four inches high), as well as its versatility, according to a company press release. With the Elura 20MC, Canon continues the never-ending quest of pushing the limits of electronic miniaturization one step further, yet still attempting to meet a variety of still, motion and multimedia image capture needs.

The Elura 20MC will carry a list price of $1,499. It’s sister model, the Elura 10MC will include all of the 20MC’s performance features, but will not contain the removable media card capabilities. It will list for $1,299.

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