Azden Announces New $200 SGM-1X Super-Cardioid Shotgun Microphone

Reprinted from an Azden press release:

Franklin Square, NY – Monday, September 24, 2001 Following up on the enthusias-tic reception and booming sales of its’ top-of-the-line SGM-2X, Azden Corporation has introduced a shorter version, designed specifically for use by today’s smaller professional digital video cameras. Designated the SGM-1X, it is a single barrel hyper-directional super-cardioid shotgun microphone, approximately 4″ shorter than the SGM-2X but using the same heavy-duty professional integrated shockmount, which can be attached to a camera shoe or mic stand.

The SGM-1X has a wide frequency response (80-18,000Hz), exhibits low noise and ac-cepts up to 110dB SPL input levels. It uses a single AAA battery that will last over 1000 hours due to the mic’s extremely low current drain. It has balanced low-impedance XLR output (no cable provided), windscreen and includes the above-mentioned pro-prietary shock-mount holder which isolates camera motor noise from the microphone.
Although it is a wired shotgun mic, the SGM-1X is easy to convert it for wireless use by attaching one of Azden’s UHF or VHF plug-in transmitters.

The SGM-1X has a suggested retail price of $200 and becomes available in mid-September.

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