by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Streaming media and Internet solution provider Akamai Technologies is mourning the passing of Daniel Lewin, co-founder, chief technology officer and company board member.

A company statement said, American Airlines confirmed that he was on board the Boston to Los Angeles flight that crashed in New York City (Tuesday). Danny was 31 years old and is survived by his wife and two sons.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., Akamai’s FreeFlow Streaming network supports live WebCasts and streaming media on demand. The company also supports two streaming media applications.

Akamai Conference, according to the company, is a fully-automated event system that allows customers to brand and deliver high-quality, high-volume audio and video Web conferences.

Akamai Forum, an interactive Web broadcasting solution providing businesses with communication solutions, offers the ability to create and manage live and on-demand interactive programs, the company said.

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