Reprinted from a Contour Design Inc. press release:

WINDHAM, NH, August 14, 2001 Contour Design, Inc. announced the release of the ShuttlePRO multimedia controller for Microsoft Windows 2000. The USB-based ShuttlePRO has thirteen buttons, a jog wheel and a shuttle knob that are fully programmable to any keyboard shortcut. The shuttle knob is the outer ring that facilitates fast forward and rewind for quick access of digital frames. The jog wheel is the internal portion of the knob, which provides precise frame-by-frame control. The device is supplied with easy to use software that allows users to customize the device for their favorite audio, video, and multimedia applications.

The ShuttlePRO comes with application settings for today’s popular editing software applications including Premiere, Cubase, Boris RED, After Effects, ProTools (TDM Systems), VideoStudio, MediaStudio Pro, VideoWave, and many others. Users may customize commonly used commands such as mark in, mark out, frame advance, scroll, fast forward, rewind, and/or any other keyboard shortcuts they want to define. Not only will users who perform video and other multimedia editing benefit from the advanced functionality of the ShuttlePRO, but users of software applications that support multiple key combinations (e.g., UnReal Tournament, Quake Team Arena, Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and Windows Media Player will realize enhanced productivity with the ShuttlePRO’s programmable controls.

The ShuttlePRO provides multiple settings within the same application and precise frame-by-frame control. The ergonomic positioning of the buttons and jog and shuttle controls allows one-handed access to a multitude of functions and operational shortcuts. For a better user interface, the clear button caps are easy to remove and label. The rubberized spring-loaded shuttle knob permits easy grip and comfort, in turn improving productivity and enhancing control of postproduction projects.

Currently the ShuttlePRO is supported by Windows 2000 and Mac OS 8.6 or later. Future releases are planned for Windows XP and Mac OS X. The ShuttlePRO sells at a suggested retail price of $125, and is now shipping. You can obtain a complete list of dedicated dealers by contacting Contour Design at 800-462-6678 or by visiting Contour Design’s website at

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