Reprinted from a Panasonic press release:

SECAUCUS, NJ (August, 2001) — Designed to appeal to a wide audience, Panasonic’s latest Palmcorder digital camcorders combine sophisticated features, compact design and easy handling. New suggested retail prices help make them extremely affordable. New model PV-DV701, available this month, has a suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $999.95; and model PV-DV351, scheduled for September, has an MSRP of $899.95. Both high-quality, high-performance digital camcorders double as digital still cameras.

Model PV-DV351 features a 2.5-inch color LCD monitor. Model PV-DV701 increases the monitor size to 3.5 inches, and adds analog in and an IR remote control. Other than these differences, both camcorders offer the identical advanced features.

The PV-DV701 and PV-DV351 combine two versatile digital imaging products in one, giving users two ways to capture their precious memories. A 680,000-pixel CCD produces ultra sharp video images with up to 460 lines of horizontal resolution. Plus, the built-in PhotoShot digital still camera function takes high-quality digital still photos. A compact, ergonomically designed chassis makes either model ideal for travel and family vacations.

Both camcorders feature Panasonic’s exclusive Dual Digital Electronic Image Stabilization feature. It compensates for hand and camcorder movement while recording, and can also be used in the playback mode to help remove additional jitter from previously recorded video. Other key features include: 3-way PC link, 10x high-definition zoom and new 500x digital zoom, color viewfinder, new MagicPix Images feature for color recording in low light, MagicVu IR Filter for recording video in total darkness, Movie Messenger System for easy video sharing, easy cassette eject, and included photo editing software.

Panasonic makes it easy to link to a PC with three different ways: i.LINK (IEEE 1394 PC interface), PHOTOVU LINK and CARD LINK. The CARD LINK memory card slot accommodates either a MultiMediaCard or the new SD Memory Card.

The memory card slot accommodates both MultiMediaCards and the new SD Memory Card media format. Both types of memory cards can be used with other devices. About the size of a postage stamp, the SD memory card format features large storage, great flexibility and fast data transfer. One 8MB Memory Card is included with the PV-DV701 and PV-DV351.

Additionally, the camcorders come with three ArcSoft editing software titles: PhotoImpression 2000, Panorama Maker 2000 and ArcSoft PhotoPrinter 2000 Pro. These programs make it easy to enhance, retouch and apply a wide variety of special effects to captured still images. The software offers a direct link to, making it easy for users to upload their finished photos to the site to archive, share or even create gifts using their photos.

For e-mail and other Internet applications, the new Movie Messenger System allows users to easily transfer video clips, with or without audio, directly from the camcorder to a PC via a USB or IEEE 1394 connection and then attach it to an e-mail for easy sharing. The Movie Messenger application viewer software attaches to the video clip, so there’s no need for friends or family to install special software to view your e-mailed “movies”.

The PV-DV701 and PV-DV351 are designed to shoot great video and still shots in almost any lighting environment. The new MagicPix Images feature allows users to take full color video and still images on tape in low-light conditions. And, the MagicVu IR Filter (0 Lux) uses infrared light to capture incredibly detailed video in total darkness. Video records in your choice of black and white, green or blue.

A new easy cassette eject system makes it easy to insert or remove tapes even when the camcorder is connected to a tripod.

Using the LCD monitor, the P-I-P (Picture-in-Picture) feature lets users insert a small still shot over the video being recorded. This is a great in-camera effect and a convenient feature for including an establishing shot, saving editing time later.

Both models also feature high quality digital PCM (12-bit/16-bit) stereo audio; audio dubbing in SP mode; color viewfinder, removable color enhancement light; headphone jack; external microphone input jack; 5-mode program AE, and a variety of built-in digital video special effects for adding creative flair to recordings.


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