Reprinted from a MedioStream press release:

SAN JOSE, CA MedioStream, Inc. recently announced the
release of neoDVD, an innovative suite of digital video software
solutions designed specifically for the consumer camcorder user.

sets a new standard for the simplicity and ease of use with which home
camcorder users can go from camcorder to disc using one single software
solution. The first product in the suite, neoDVDstandard, transforms
the home PC into a digital studio for camcorder users to turn any
digital video into a DVD-ready file on the fly, making DVD authoring on
desktop PCs as easy as audio cassette recording.

Although digital technology is available to ensure that important captured
moments captured can be preserved on DVD with greater clarity and
permanence, to get from camcorder to DVD format is not a simple
process. Camcorder users need an easy way to covert their video footage
into DVD-ready MPEG-2 files, author their DVD footage and share their

neoDVDstandard offers a complete camcorder-to-disc solution that takes
the technical process out of DVD authoring by integrating real-time DV
to MPEG-2 conversion, DVD authoring and burning into one complete,
easy-to-use software package. With a minimum 700MHz Celeron, Pentium
III or Athlon system, neoDVDstandard’s innovative solution enables
camcorder users to capture, edit, compress, author and burn DVD files
onto their recordable drives of their home PC in a simple One-Click
process, so there is no need to purchase and learn different software
and hardware. On a system with 1.1 GHz Pentium III/Athlon or above,
neoDVDstandard handles the MPEG-2 encoding and the DVD authoring process
in real-time at full D-1 (DVD) resolution and 30-frames-per-second
(30-fps) frame rate, so a 60-minute video will take just 60 minutes to
be converted into a DVD-ready file, with high quality DVD picture and

When used with today’s recordable DVD and CD drives, neoDVDstandard
makes DVD publishing practical and affordable for consumers. With the
neoDVDstandard software package, consumers can create DVD-ready files
from a live DV source in real-time; archive DV tapes to a hard disk
drive in real-time; author DVD movies on the PC using a recordable CD or
DVD; or playback DVD titles on the PC and consumer DVD players. The
software also provides automatic audio/video format conversion to DVD
compliant formats.

When the FILE mode is selected, consumers have the option to use MPEG-2,
DV, AVI and QuickTime files as the input source for DVD creation. In
the COPY mode, users can copy non-commercial DVDs from one disc to
another. The In and Out pointers, along with the slider bar controls,
provide the trim and merger editing functions for video segment
selection. The key to this process is the One-Click operation, which
makes it simple to author DVDs that can be played on consumer DVD

In addition, the automatic NTSC/PAL conversion feature gives users the
ability to create DVD files to share with friends and family anywhere in
the world without worrying about format compatibility. Other features for smooth DVD publishing include camcorder playback and
preview controls (Play, Stop, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Fast Rewind,
etc.); disc writing speed selection; and editable menus for customizing
the DVD.

neoDVDstandard is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 with
DirectX 8.0 or above. The software requires one FireWire connector; AGP
graphics card with 8MBs memory; minimum 700MHz Celeron, Pentium III or
Athlon CPU (1.1 GHz and above for real-time video capture); 128MB of
memory, 5GB hard drive and a 24-bit color display.

neoDVDstandard (MSRP $149) will be available through
at a special promotional price of $99 during the introductory period.
neoDVDstandard is also available through MedioStream’s worldwide
distribution channels.


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