Reprinted from a Leitch Technology Corp. press release:

Markham, Ontario – August 14, 2001 – DPS, a business unit of Leitch
Technology Corp., announced today that
version 2.5 of the dpsReality Studio Digital Disk Recorder software
is now shipping.

The dpsReality 2.5 software upgrade enhances the ultimate tool for
animators, compositors, and post-production professionals. New features
in version 2.5 include enhanced numerical editing, split edits, EDL
import and export, enhanced QuickTime and Windows Media Format exporting,
interface refinements including assignable hotkeys, and the ability to
remote control timeline playback and proc amp settings over a network.
dpsReality 2.5 also features integration with eyeon’s included Digital
Fusion DFX+ compositing and advanced effects software, the expandable
successor to the DFX software previously bundled with dpsReality.

Existing dpsReality users have two options for upgrading to version 2.5 –
a Basic or Full upgrade.

The dpsReality 2.5 Full Upgrade includes the new dpsReality 2.5 software
and an upgrade from eyeon’s DFX to DFX+, all at a special upgrade price
of $265 (for registered dpsReality version 2.0 users) or $415 (for
registered dpsReality version 1.5 users). Pricing may vary

The dpsReality 2.5 Basic Upgrade, which includes only the new dpsReality
application itself, is available to registered users of dpsReality 2.0 as
a free download from the DPS web site.

Full Upgrades are available from a worldwide network of authorized DPS
resellers. Those users located in the USA can also order DPS software
upgrades directly from the DPS web site e-Store, at

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