ATI Releases $49 DV WONDER PC FireWire Board

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

With millions of FireWire DV camcorders in use, ATI Technologies hopes to capitalize on those users eager to add FireWire connectability to their PCs. And they’re doing so without asking consumers to make a big financial investment.

For a suggested retail price of $49, ATI Technologies’ new DV WONDER FireWire (IEEE 1394) board enables DV camcorder users to transfer digital video on their personal computers. Consumers can perform their own upgrades by fitting DV WONDER into any free desktop computer PCI slot.

In addition, DV WONDER comes bundled with Ulead’s recently-released editing software, VideoStudio 5.0, allowing users to edit digital video on their PCs. DV WONDER also ships with a free connector cable.

DV WONDER can act as a stand-alone product or as an add-on to complement any ATI Graphics products. With three external FireWire connections, the DV WONDER offers consumers scalability and flexibility. In addition, FireWire ensures the transfer of pure audio signals, video and images to and from all FireWire-enabled digital electronics accessories.

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