Media 100 Enhances Cleaner 5 to Support Newest Versions of Quicktime, RealSystem and Windows Media

Reprinted from a Media 100 press release:

NEW YORK—Media 100 Inc. announced a significant upgrade to Cleaner 5, the award-winning media
processing software for creating on-demand dynamic streaming media,
that ensures support for streaming media output to QuickTime 5,
RealSystem 8.5 and Windows Media 8 (Windows Media 7 for Mac), the
three major player formats for streaming media on the Internet. The
newest version of Cleaner 5 also includes support for the Sorenson
Video 3 codec, which enables the delivery of high-quality streaming
media for QuickTime. With this announcement, Media 100 is enabling its
customers to create high quality streaming media content in multiple
formats and at multiple data rates for digital media delivery on the
Internet in the latest versions of the three major player formats.

The newest version of Cleaner 5, version 5.1, provides support for
the newly released Sorenson Video 3 codec, both Standard and Pro
Editions. With Sorenson Video 3 Pro Edition, Cleaner 5 will continue
to provide customers with 2-pass variable bit rate encoding. Sorenson
Video 3 has been shown to give users better high-motion video quality
than Sorenson Video 2 at less than half of the bit rate and at up to
three times the speed.

Cleaner is the industry-standard tool for adding dynamic,
interactive streaming media and for delivery on the Internet,
broadband, CD-ROM, kiosks, presentations, and DVD. The application
supports all major video, audio, and still image formats, including
Apple Computer’s QuickTime, RealNetwork’s RealSystem, Microsoft’s
Windows Media Technologies, MP3, MPEG and AVI.

Cleaner 5, version 5.1, will be available this summer as a free
download to current Cleaner 5 customers at Cleaner 5
is available at an MSRP of $599 through select resellers and from the
Media 100 Online Store.

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