Media 100 Digital Media Solutions Support Next Generation G4 Macs

Reprinted from a Media 100 press release:

NEW YORK–July 18, 2001–Media 100 Inc., a leading
provider of digital media design and delivery solutions, today
announced that its Media 100 i, an award-winning digital media
production solution, and Media 100 ICE solutions, the Company’s high
performance hardware accelerated effects generation systems, are
certified with Apple Computer’s new Next Generation G4 Power Mac.

The high performance 867Mhz system is the first of Apple Computer’s
line to be approved for use with Media 100 i and Media 100 ICE
solutions. This newly-announced platform from Apple provides Media 100
customers with a high-performance interactive streaming media
production environment, ideal for creating high quality, dynamic
content for delivery on the Internet, DVD or broadcast. The new Apple
platform debuted this morning at the Macworld Expo in New York City.

The Next Generation G4 provides Media 100 customers with a higher
performance platform for digital media production. The new dual head
graphics option facilitates production workflow and minimizes slot
requirements, providing the flexibility that Media 100 users need when
customizing their work environment. In addition to approving the
867Mhz G4, Media 100 is currently testing the new 733Mhz and 800Mhz
dual platform system and will publish the results at a later date.
Media 100 also expects approval for the new dual head graphics option
for the dual 800Mhz model.

Media 100 i recently received significant industry accolades,
including the “Best Product Quality” award from Film & Video Magazine.
A unique digital media creation system for broadcast production,
interactive streaming and DVD delivery on the Macintosh, Media Media
100 i enables customers to capture, edit, author, encode and publish
video to DVD, the Internet or Broadcast within a seamless streaming
media workflow on a single platform. Unlike more traditional
approaches to content creation, Media 100 i creates a new workflow
paradigm for Internet broadcasters and web designers within a single

Pricing and Availability for Media 100 and Media 100 ICE
Media 100
i Media 100 i is now available in the following configurations and

Media 100 i 7.5 LEDV: $2,995
Media 100 i 7.5 LX: $5,995
Media 100 i 7.5 XS: $9,995
Media 100 i 7.5 XR: $17,995

For more information on how to purchase Media 100 i, and for
dealer locations, please visit, or call

Media 100 ICE and Ultra ICE for Adobe After Effects 5 pricing
starts at $3,750. Macintosh-base After Effects support is available
for existing customers as a download from the Media 100 website, Detailed information on CPU performance requirements
and compatible cameras and graphics cards is available on the Media
100 website.

Complete configuration approval guidelines for both Media 100 i
and Media 100 ICE and Ultra ICE is available on the Media 100 website
at www.media100com.

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