Boris Announces Boris GRAFFITI 2.0 Integrated Vector Graphics and 2D/3D Title Application

Reprinted from a Boris press release:

NEW YORK – July 18, 2001 – At Macworld today, Boris announced Boris GRAFFITI
2.0, a major upgrade to the company’s award winning graphics and titling
application. The first company to bring 2D and true 3D compositing into
non-linear editing, GRAFFITI 2.0 is the only integrated vector-based titling
package on the market. GRAFFITI 2.0’s vector tools allow easy creation of
sophisticated animations such as text on path, with exceptional sharpness.
Along with flexible animation tools such as Type On and Title Containers for
auto-animated rolls, crawls, fades, shuffles and zooms, GRAFFITI 2.0 allows
users to map text to 3D shapes, and extrude and composite in three
dimensions. GRAFFITI 2.0 also supports the addition of third-party Adobe
After Effects filters.

Feature highlights in Boris GRAFFITI 2.0 include:
Vector Text provides razor-sharp clarity at any scale, as well as the
ability to export animations to .swf (Flash).

Expanded Title Animation Both the path shape and the text position for Text
on Path can be animated over time. “Type On” features one click type-on
animation of progressively applied skew, tumble, spin, rotate, scale,
opacity, and position to a text page, alone or in combination, so individual
characters can easily fly/spin/fade/zoom/shuffle on or off the screen.

Compositing Tools include 27 Apply modes for each layer in Boris GRAFFITI,
motion blur, advanced particle filters, and SmartView to dynamically update
views of animated parameters in the timeline.

Audio Import and Playback Scratch audio track includes timeline waveform
display and level controls to enable easier reference and synchronization to
audio during effect animation design. Real-time playback of scrub audio and
sync audio during Preview to RAM.

Third Party Plug-ins from many leading packages developed for Adobe After
Effects may now be used with all NLE systems supported by Boris GRAFFITI
2.0. They appear in the Boris GRAFFITI Filters menu, and behave like any
other Boris filters.

Unparalleled Integration while not a new feature, remains a crucial
advantage in Boris GRAFFITI 2.0: it is the only effects solution that allows
this range of features directly inside non-linear editing applications. Open
GL and Dual Processor Support on both Windows and Macintosh computers means
faster effects creation and faster rendering. Boris GRAFFITI 2.0 also
features Altivec enhancement on Macintosh G4 computers.

Boris GRAFFITI 2.0 supports Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final
Cut Pro, Canopus Rex/Raptor/Storm Edit, DPS Velocity, Fast studio.DV, IMC
Incite, in-sync Speed Razor, Ulead Media Studio Pro, United Media Online
Express. Boris GRAFFITI Professional 2.0 supports all Boris GRAFFITI hosts
and adds support for Avid Xpress, Avid Xpress DV, Avid Media Composer, Avid
Symphony, Discreet edit*, Fast purple, Fast silver, Media 100 i, Media 100
iFINISH, Panasonic DV Edit, newsbyte, and Postbox, and Sony ES-3.

Boris GRAFFITI 2.0 will be available in Q3 2001 through resellers worldwide,
with an MSRP of $495.00 USD. Boris GRAFFITI Professional 2.0 has an MSRP of
$995. Upgrades from previous versions of GRAFFITI are $199.

For more information about Boris FX 2.0, including an online feature tour,

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