New Deal Bundles Videometry Images with eZediaMX Multimedia Software

Reprinted from aVideometry press release:

Videometry Inc., digital content creators and producers of
Imagery + Motion X Digital royalty-free stock footage, recently announced a
license agreement with eZedia Inc. to license Videometry imagery for
eZediaMX multimedia integration software. The license and bundling deal
allows eZedia to include up to 25 of Videometry’s media clips in newly
released eZediaMX version 2.1. A collection of Videometry imagery will also
be made available on the eZedia website as a free download.

The new eZedia multimedia integration product brings presentation graphics
software into the 21st century with its easy to use interface and powerful
media object tools, says Videometry president and CEO Steve Gianfermo.
With eZedia software and Videometry imagery, you can create dynamically
rich multimedia presentations with the click of a few buttons.

The collection of digital content from Videometry provides users of
eZediaMX with more ways to creatively communicate and connect with others,
says Art Monk, CEO of eZedia. We are extremely pleased to be able to
include this broad selection of video imagery with our 2.1 release for use
in a wide range of eZediaMX digital productions.

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