Feature-Packed Boris FX 6.0 Available Later in June

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Boris FX 6.0, a major upgrade to
the company’s visual effects and image processing application, was announced June 6. New features include natural effects filters such as Fire, Rain, Snow and Stars; advanced particle effects such as Stars and 3D Image Shatter; lighting filters; compositing tools such as apply modes, displacement maps and motion blur; audio support and support for third-party video plug-ins.

Boris, the first company to bring 2D and real 3D compositing to nonlinear editing, said that its Unparalleled Integration remains a crucial advantage in Boris FX 6.0. The company touted that 6.0 is the only effects solution that allows such a range of features directly inside non-linear editing applications.

Boris FX 6.0 offers Open GL and Dual Processor Support on both Windows and Macintosh computers for fast creation and rendering. It also
features Altivec enhancement on Macintosh G4 computers.

Boris FX 6.0 will be availablelater this month for a MSRP of $495. Boris FX Professional 6 has an MSRP of $995.
Upgrades from previous versions of FX and FX Professional are $199.

Here’s a more detailed list of Boris FX 6.0 features:

Natural Filters: Clouds, Fire, Rain, Snow, Comets, Sparks, and Stars are all
auto-animated filters, allowing users to quickly create effects. These
filters offer a wide variety of interaction and compositing options using
alpha channels.

Lighting Filters provide simulated extrusions, bump maps, and gel and matte
effects with user-defined shapes.

Compositing Tools include 27 Apply modes for each layer in Boris FX, motion
blur, displacement maps, advanced particle and lighting filters, and Smart
View to dynamically update views of animated parameters in the timeline.

Audio Import and Playback Scratch audio track includes timeline waveform
display and level controls to enable easier reference and synchronization to
audio during effect animation design. Real-time playback of scrub audio, and
sync audio during Preview to RAM.

Third Party Plug-ins from many leading packages developed for Adobe After
Effects may now be used with all NLE systems supported by Boris FX 6.0. They
appear in the Boris FX Filters menu, and behave like any other Boris

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