Compaq Bundles DVD-Authoring Software with Japanese Presario 5112JP

by Alan Sheckter, Videomaker news editor

Following Compaq North America’s announcement that it would bundle Sonic Solutions’ Sonic DVDit! with its MyMovieStudio editing package, Compaq announced that DVDit! will ship with its Presario 5112JP computers, making it possible for video enthusiasts will be able to author their own DVD Video discs.

On the Compaq, DVDit! will allow users to select personal video clips and graphics, preview their project, then record it directly to a DVD disc in DVD-Video format. The discs will be playable on DVD-equipped PCs and set-top DVD players.

The Presario 5112JP model is part of Compaq Computer Japans 2001 summer lineup and features an Athlon 1.3GHz processor, 80GB HDD and 128MB RAM. It will be available in Japan later this month for 239,800 yen (approximately $2,000 US). The Presario 5112JP is being hailed as one of the first affordable DVD-Recordable equipped PCs available in the Japanese market, giving users the power to record, edit and publish their own videos in the popular DVD-Video format.

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