The much-anticipated Video Toaster [2], New Tek’s PC-compatible desktop video effects, editing and live switching system, is set for a summer rollout. A successor to the original Amiga-based system released in 1990, the new Video Toaster [2] was unveiled at April’s NAB 2001 Conference. The live production environment for post-production and Internet streaming offers flexible and interactive architecture that allows all popular video and graphic file types to be easily recognized and shared between components.

Video Toaster [2]’s SX-8 Switcher Expansion module, which New Tek calls the world’s most versatile breakout box, houses 100 audio, video and data connectors. The SX-8 module is the heart of the system’s Toaster Switcher, which allows eight component, eight S-video or up to 24 composite inputs, or any combination of the three, to be swithced live to tape, to disk or to the Internet.

The system also includes ToasterEdit, which offers live switching, audio mixing, color correction and playback of ToasterEdit projects in real time, LightWave Express, for 3D graphics, compositing and animation, and Aura 2, New Tech’s latest video paint system.

Video Toaster [2] is expected to ship July 31, 2001, with a suggested retail price of $4,995. A software upgrade ($495) and SX-8 breakout box with software upgrade ($1,995), will also be available.

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