CyberLink’s New ‘Power Director’ Software Boasts Rendering That’s 10-Times Faster Nearest Competitor

Reprinted from a Cyberlink press release:

May 28, 2001—-Taipei, Taiwan—-
CyberLink, a leading developer of digital video and streaming multimedia software applications, today announced the upcoming release of PowerDirector, a revolutionary new video editing software program. PowerDirector is a total solution software program that can produce professional-quality videos. Featuring a state-of-the-art advancement in video editing called Smart Video Rendering Technology, PowerDirector is able render edited video notably faster than other leading video editing software products on the market, and won’t degrade the quality of the original un-edited video segments. In addition, PowerDirector offers superb special effects, an easy to use storyboard interface, the ability to input video from, and output to, numerous sources, and much more. It is a total video editing solution for the PC.

Derived from CyberLink’s extensive R&D in the area of MPEG-1 and 2 Video, PowerDirector offers a revolutionary breakthrough in video editing software with its Smart Video Rendering Technology (SVRT). This advanced technology has the ability to render edited portions of video at a rate of almost 10 times that of the nearest competitor (based on internal studies). This is due to the fact that with SVRT, PowerDirector only needs to render the sections of video that have been edited, whereas as other products need to render the entire length of video. Yet time is not the only thing that SVRT saves. By only needing to render edited video portions, the remainder of the video is preserved in its original quality!
One of the stumbling blocks of getting the majority of home PC users to adopt video editing software has been the issue of complexity. However, CyberLink is set to change all that with this all-in-one package that is extremely simple to use, without sacrificing that expert touch. PowerDirector's convenient project interface offers the ability to quickly drag and drop video & image clips on to the storyboard and arrange in the desired sequence. Precise controls allow users to perform frame-accurate adjustments so they can be as detailed as they wish. Plus, with PowerDirector's flexible video input options, users can import video files from numerous DV and analog sources and directly convert them into high-quality MPEG-1 or 2 format. With the ability to import DV files directly into MPEG, users will save time and valuable disk space.

What makes an average looking video production standout from a professional looking one is usually defined in its use of special effects. PowerDirector comes completely loaded with all the tools and features to help add that extra touch of creativity to video productions. It offers over 30 unique 3D title effects, 50 impressive transition effects and the ability to add up to 7 audio tracks. In addition, users can also make adjustments to the color of their video and even add a professional style with a Picture-in-Picture or Master Watermark effect.

Outputting finished video productions is a simple affair with PowerDirector, as it offers the ability to save files in formats ready for numerous types of media. With video files being in either MPEG-1 or 2 they are perfect for exporting to various types of recordable CD or DVD formats. In addition, finished projects can be converted into WMV format for playing on the Web as streaming video or as a downloadable file. PowerDirector even offers the ability to transfer video files back to a DV Camcorder.

PowerDirector will be one of the premier highlights for CyberLink at this years Computex IT exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan (June 4-8). The product is scheduled to be officially launched in June 2001 and will be available in complete packages for the retail channel and bundle versions for PC hardware suppliers.

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