Transmit Video Around the World with purple.Field

Munich, April 23, 2001: FAST Multimedia announces for the mobile editing solution purple.Field a new complete mobile
package for the transmission of video material from anywhere in the world via ISDN or satellite: FASTtransmit. In coorporation
with Hermstedt AG, communication specialists for broadband, wireless and classic file transfer solutions, and TransTel, supplier
of products and services for video and audio broadcast systems, purple.Field was opitmized with the following products: a
Hermstedt Leonardo USB adapter for mobile ISDN communication, a mobile ISDN satellite unit as well as access to the
Inmarsat satellite network. With this system journalists have a professional editing solution with which they can send their film
coverage around the world in no time at all. The FASTtransmit system fits into an attach case, weighs just 14kg and will be
available from June 2001. Further information can be foundat

The footage is transferred to purple.Field notebook. With DV, DVCAM as well as DVCPRO native via IEEE 1394 interface it is
processedwith all functions that are required for professional editing. From within this application the edited material can then be
compressed and prepared for data transfer with Voyager Lite from TransTel. The video material is then transferred via the
Leonardo USB ISDN adapter to the Inmarsat mobile satellite unit. For channel bundling and transfer speeds of 256kbit/s up to
four satellite units and two Leonardo USB adapters can be used on one system.

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