Seattle, WA — Market newcomer Automatic Duck, Inc., a
Seattle, WA, based software development company targeting the nonlinear
editing and effects industry, announces the release of OMF Composition
Import, a plug-in for Adobe After Effects 5.0. OMF Composition Import
revolutionizes the workflow process used by Avid system editors and graphic
designers who import projects into Adobe After Effects 5.0.

OMF Composition Import streamlines the previously time consuming process
of importing projects into Adobe After Effects from Avid nonlinear editing
systems. In one simple step, OMF Composition Import transfers an entire
Avid system timeline into Adobe After Effects 5.0 and imports all the media
necessary to perfectly recreate a project.

Instantaneously, OMF Composition Import reconstructs an Avid system
timeline. Supported effects like dissolves, superimposes, flops, motion
effects, and more, are seamlessly translated into the After Effects 5.0
equivalent. With the strength of OMF Composition Import, even the most
complex projects import with amazing easeas collapsed layers in the Avid
timeline automatically become nested compositions in After Effects 5.0.

OMF Composition Import by Automatic Duck, Inc. is scheduled for availability
in Q2 2001. Pricing for OMF Composition Import will be $495 US MSRP. It
will be available for purchase through the Automatic Duck website at or through Toolfarm, Inc. at

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