Laird Telemedia Introduces Multi-Format Edit Router

(Mount Marion, NY)–Laird Telemedia is launching an all
new edit router designed to simplify the lives of all professional AVID,
Media 100 and G4 based non-linear editors. The Laird LTM-ER4 Edit Router
automates the upload and download of audio, video and RS422 control feeds
into any NLE with the push of a single button. “When I have a lot of
different sources going into one non-linear edit system, I find Laird edit
routers extremely useful,” said James Peebles, Senior Production Engineer at
Oxygen Media.

The LTM-ER4 ends the need for multiple patch bays, confusing cable clutter
and “what goes where” questions. Patch bays are a thing of the past and we
avoid them like the plague,” Peebles added.

The Laird LTM-ER4 Edit Router is a true multi-format device. It can route
component, composite, Y/C and balanced audio with full machine control. The
direction control on the LTM-ER4 allows the editor to use four decks for
both sourcing and recording as a 1 x 4 router to upload or a 4 x 1 router to
download. “I like the Laird router because it keeps things simple for my
editors,” said Peebles.

Three optional add-ons are available to further expand the functionality of
the LTM-ER4. A direct dubbing module, digital signal expander (FireWire,
SDI, SPDIF), and NLE coupler allow multiple NLEs to share the same source
and record decks.

Laird edit routers are made in the USA, CE approved, NTSC and PAL compatible
and contained in a 2RU cabinet.

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