The Latest News From Las Vegas – COMDEX 2000

Videomaker Editors are at COMDEX in Las Vegas this week getting the latest news on new video and editing products.

Today, Sony unveiled a new DV camcorder, the DCR-PC110 that can record 60-second MPEG-1 movies to its Memory Stick. It can also encode video from its tape sources into short MPEGs. Sony’s CLIE palm computing device now plays video clips downloaded from a computer source. CLIE even has a small video camera plugin for shooting video straight into its memory.

Dazzle is showing Hollywood DV-Bridge, a device that will digitze analog video sources for computing on the Mac.

Roland is presenting a prototype of their DV-7 VideoCanvas. This is a $6000 hard drive-based video and audio editing appliance. It comes with a 60 GB hard drive, keyboard, mouse and jog shuttle-T-bar controller. It features a batch of real-time transitions and FX. Two key factors distinguish it from its competitors’ products: this one is a time-line editor, with the standard time bar and video and audio lines, and drag-and-drop functions. Also, the DV-7 has better sound control and even sound editing capabilities taken from some of its digital audio editing products. It should begin shipping in January 2001.

Creative Labs is showing their new USB VideoBlaster that connects to a computer by way of USB port. It takes analog audio and video and converts them to MPEG-2 for recording to the computer’s hard drive. It comes bundled with ULead’s Media Studio video editing software and should begin shipping in January.

Look for more news from COMDEX tomorrow!

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