Creative Labs COMDEX Announcement

MILPITAS, Calif. – October 24, 2000 – Creative (Nasdaq: CREAF),
the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the
personal computer and the Internet, today announced the Video
Blaster MovieMaker, slated to ship in North America in November
2000 at an estimated street price of US$199.99.

The Video Blaster MovieMaker inspires the home video enthusiast
to create, share and edit cherished digital movies on the personal
computer. The Video Blaster MovieMaker imports home videos from
a camcorder or VCR to the PC via USB connection, utilizing
hardware-based MPEG-2 compression, the same format used in
DVD movies, for fast, fluid video and stereo sound. Creative
expression is limited only to the user’s imagination, as the software
included with MovieMaker allows the production of polished movies
with titles, credits, musical or voice audio tracks, sophisticated
transitions, fades, wipes and compelling special effects. The
software also enables archiving of favorite movies from PC to CD-R,
CD-RW, or even Video CDs.

“The Video Blaster MovieMaker combines the power of MPEG-2, the
ease of use of USB and tremendous value in one PC solution,”
noted Ken Fong, director of marketing for Creative. “Bringing movies
into the digital realm of the PC fuels all kinds of creativity in terms of
editing and sharing movies over e-mail and the web.”

The efficiency of MPEG-2 compression in the Video Blaster
MovieMaker translates to a memory utilization of approximately 31 to
46MB per minute of video. The MPEG-1 bit rate can range from 0.5
to 2 megabits per second and the MPEG-2 bit rate is adjustable
from 1 to 6 megabits per second.

The Video Blaster MovieMaker will be available through Creative’s
extensive network of online and retail outlets in North America in
November 2000 at an estimated street price of US$199.99. More
information about the Video Blaster MovieMaker will be posted to

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