Canopus Unveils DVRexRT Professional

Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning DV NLEs, today announced DVRexRT Professional, a full-featured, professional-level NLE that boasts extensive real-time capabilities. The DVRexRT Professional delivers the features required by video professionals to capture and blend DV and high-end analog footage. With its component video I/O, balanced audio I/O and RS-422 analog deck control, DVRexRT Professional allows capture of professional-level analog material without compromising quality. DVRexRT Professional includes real-time editing, MPEG encoding, DVD authoring, soundtrack creation and Internet streaming tools to provide video professionals with a complete NLE solution in one package.

The DVRexRT Professional comes with Adobe Premiere 5.1, Canopus RexEdit nonlinear editing software and an Adobe Premiere RT plug-in that brings RexEdit’s extensive collection of real-time filters and transitions, including picture-in-picture, slow motion, movie look, color correction and chroma key and luma key, to Premiere. DVRexRT Professional offers native DV editing with real-time analog and DV output for greater quality and timesavings. DVRexRT Professional supports camera control of DV, DVCAM and RS-422 devices to give the user frame accurate batch capture and timeline output for both DV and analog decks.

DVRexRT Professional includes a professional 19″ rack-mount breakout box that brings the connectors to a convenient location making it easy to integrate the DVRexRT Professional into existing editing studios. The breakout box features analog audio level meters that can be switched between input and output levels, and left/right input gain adjustments. A headphone output jack is also included for monitoring.

MPEG Encoding, DVD Authoring, Soundtrack Creation and Internet Streaming Features
Canopus is including its hardware MPEG Module, a real-time MPEG encoder that creates MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 streams directly from Adobe Premiere or RexEdit nonlinear editing software. This allows video professionals to convert DV format to MPEG-2 format directly, resulting in exceptional video quality. By using Main Profile at Main Level MPEG-2, also called MP@ML, the Canopus encoder delivers the high-quality video and audio MPEG-2 output essential for CD-ROM delivery, DVD authoring and network transmission. While other MPEG-2 systems use I-frame or IP-frame only, MP@ML features true IBP frame format, providing the highest quality video at the lowest bandwidth. In addition, the encoder’s variable bit rate capability is one of the most effective techniques used to maintain video quality while reducing file size.

Internet streaming features are delivered through Canopus’ powerful new video streaming product, Web Video Wizard. Using advanced video pre-processing algorithms, Web Video Wizard allows users to easily prepare their edited video productions for Internet-based streaming. In just a few easy steps, users can prepare their DV productions for Web streaming and upload them to is a full service video hosting site that gives Canopus users an ideal solution for video streaming. To round out this offering, Canopus is also including ACID Style audio software from Sonic Foundry for a quick and easy way to produce custom soundtracks, and SpruceUp DVD authoring software (full version). SpruceUp is the latest product from Spruce Technologies, the leading supplier of professional DVD authoring tools.

DVRexRT Professional supports single- and dual-processor systems running Windows 2000 or NT 4.0 and will be available in December 2000 from Canopus and authorized distributors, VARs and mail-order suppliers for a suggested retail price of $4599.

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