Canopus Corporation, makers of award-winning non-linear video editing solutions, today announced DVStorm, a powerful real-time DV editing system that combines an extensive high performance feature set with stability and reliability. DVStorm delivers render-free, real-time digital video editing, DV and analog (S-Video and Composite video) input and output, MPEG output for DVD and Web streaming, plus a complete suite of digital video production tools, making DVStorm a powerful and cost-effective NLE solution for videographers.

Videographers can bring their productions to life and save valuable production time by taking advantage of DVStorm’s impressive assortment of real-time editing tools that feature over 24 real-time filters, including color correction, mosaic, emboss, slow motion, picture-in-picture, chroma key, luma key and chrominance, and 15 transitions, including wipes, dissolves, slides, page curls and stretch. DVStorm also provides real-time audio filters applied to both the video and external audio tracks.

Real-time DV and Analog Input/Output
DVStorm offers all the input/output connections videographers need to get the flexibility required from an editing system, allowing them to deliver video on tape, CD, DVD or over the Internet. DVStorm uses an advanced hardware CODEC to deliver real-time capture through 1394/i.LINK, S-video or Composite connectors and real-time output to DV or analog tape.

Comprehensive Suite of Digital Video Production Tools
To provide users with a comprehensive nonlinear editing solution, DVStorm includes Adobe Premiere 5.1 (full version) and Canopus StormEdit software. StormEdit is a powerful video editing software application that includes an assortment of real-time titles and transitions. Sonic Foundry’s ACID Style audio software for a quick and easy way to produce custom music, and a trial version of SpruceUp DVD authoring software are also included.

To round out this offering, DVStorm includes SoftMPG Encoder from Canopus to deliver the high-quality video and audio output required by today’s video professionals. Using advanced algorithms, Canopus’s encoder engine creates MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 streams in near real-time directly from StormEdit or Adobe Premiere 5.1. In addition, Canopus is including its Web Video Wizard for quick and easy preparation of edited productions for Web streaming.

“Our aim is to help videographers run successful businesses,” said Hiro Yamada, president of Canopus Corporation. “Two key elements to success are reducing the time spent in post-production and, at the end of the day, presenting a high quality finished product to the client. DVStorm helps the videographer accomplish this by providing a high-end real-time feature set in a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.”

DVStorm supports single- and dual-processor systems running Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0 or ME and will be available in December 2000 from Canopus and authorized distributors, VARs and mail-order suppliers for a suggested retail price of $1799. DVStorm includes StormBay, a breakout box that moves the DV and analog connections to the front of the PC for easy plug-and-play operation. An optional real-time MPEG encoding module is available for $599.

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