AACHEN, GERMANY — MainConcept today released its compositing, effects and
vector animation program at an unprecendented low price — just US$150 for
the downloadable version through November 2000.

MainVision offers high-end capabilities in a surprisingly friendly
interface. Features are accessed through easily configured modules.
Unlimited layers can be combined to create an infinite variety of
compositions. The program also features a unique Image Processor which can
quickly generate looping, organic backgrounds and many other effects.

Other features include RAM preview, resolution-independent projects,
advanced keyframe animation, multiprocessor support, and up to 10,000 undo
levels. The software works under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Me.

“MainVision is a very powerful program,” said Markus Moenig, founder and
president of MainConcept. “Its clean interface lets users concentrate on
being creative, rather than trying to find their way through dozens of
palettes and commands. And our introductory special further proves our
commitment to offer professional tools at enthusiast prices.”

After the introductory special, the downloadable version will be priced at
US$250, which is still hundreds of dollars less than comparable software. A
boxed retail version will be made available shortly.

MainVision can be downloaded from www.mainconcept.com, and from selected
distributors. Until unlocked with a key code (available for purchase
online), it will operate in demo mode. All features will work, but a logo
will be added to processed video. The downloadable version includes a full
User Guide in PDF format.

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