POPcast Partners with Microsoft

(LOS ANGELES) POPcast Communications Corp., a leading
business-to-business provider of self-service Webcasting solutions,
announced that its personal Webcasting technology and service is now part of
the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker feature, which debuts in Windows
Millennium Edition (Windows Me). Windows Me is scheduled for retail release
on September 14, 2000.

“We feel that some of the most exciting advances in home computing are
happening in the realm of digital media,” said Art Pettigrue, product
manager, Consumer Windows Division, Microsoft Corp. Our new Windows Movie
Maker feature in Windows Me will allow consumers to tap into those advances
to easily digitize, organize and edit their home videos. As one of our top
personal Webcasting solutions providers, POPcast’s video publishing and
sharing services further empower customers of Windows Me with an
easy-to-use, reliable way to instantaneously share those Windows Movie Maker
video creations with friends and family on the Web.”

“We’re extremely proud to be a service provider for Microsoft’s video
publishing and sharing solution in its new Windows Movie Maker technology,”
said William Mutual, POPcast’s Founder and Chairman. “Using Windows Movie
Maker, customers will have access to powerful, user-friendly multimedia
authoring. Once they’ve created their movies, they’ll find POPcast and our
distribution partners right at the top of the list of options for video
publishing and sharing.

In the months ahead, Mutual added, users of Windows Me will continue to
benefit from our cutting-edge technologies and solutions, allowing them to
increasingly leverage the power of broadband to improve the quality of their
creations while also offering new forms of interactive Webcasting and new
channels of distribution.

The Windows Movie Maker feature, included in Windows Me, reflects successful
beta partnership development and testing efforts between POPcast and

About Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition and Windows Movie Maker
Windows Me, the newest version of the Windows operating system for the home
user, will be available in retail stores on September 14, 2000. Windows Me
will also be available preinstalled on new PCs. Windows Movie Maker is a
feature of Windows Me.

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