Eveo Launches Talent Incubation Program

Eveo, the leader in
user-generated online videos launches the first Next-Gen Talent Incubation
and Management Program, which provides talent development and management
services to emerging filmmakers who demonstrate the ability to crossover into
other mediums and formats of filmed entertainment. Danielle Knight has
joined Eveo as Senior Director of Talent and Business Affairs to head the
program, and the first seven filmmakers who have elected to sign with the
incubator are: Natalie MacGowan Spencer, Dustin Robertson, David Vegezzi,
Oliver Wolfson, Rob Thomas, Chris Vincze and Corey Rosen, it was announced
today by Eveo CEO Oliver Zitoun.

Zitoun says, Eveo has created a truly new incubation model. We receive
thousands of videos from all over the world and by riding the wave of the DV
revolution, we are building a large and strong community of aspiring
filmmakers. With this new program, we will help filmmakers make money while
they build their careers.

Knight says, We’re creating a new paradigm in talent management by accessing
the power of the Internet as well as the success of Eveo to incubate emerging
filmmakers. We provide them with directing opportunities that stem from our
online partnerships, affording them greater experience and exposure, and also
offer tailored career management services for those who are ready to be
introduced to agents and buyers in the world of commercials, music video,
film and television.

The variety of services that Eveo’s Talent Incubation Program extends to its
signed filmmakers includes:

-Submission of films (eveos) to worldwide festivals

-Preferred status on Eveo promotional DVDs

-Special theatrical screenings of their eveos

-Eveo-generated paid directing assignments

-Special channel on the Eveo site that showcases work

-Preferred status for inclusion in banner ads and offline syndication.

The Program is aligned with a number of Hollywood’s talent agencies, as well
as music video and commercial production houses. Eveo’s managers will work
closely with each filmmaker to ensure that his/her career is nurtured in the
way that best suits his/her needs.

For full details, visit www.eveo.com.

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