Digital Origin’s EditDV Now Fully Optimized for Apple’s New Dual-Processor Power Mac

Digital Origin, a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Media 100, (NASDAQ:MDEA) has announced a
free upgrade to its content creation and streaming media authoring
tool EditDV which is now fully optimized for Apple’s new
dual-processor Power Macintosh.

EditDV uses Digital Origin’s unique scalable software codec
designed specifically for the DV format. This enables EditDV, already
compatible with the new Power Macintosh systems, to achieve maximum
performance on the new dual-processor systems. According to Mike
Micheletti, Product Manager for Digital Origin, the combination of
Digital Origin EditDV and the dual-processor Power Macintosh offers
the fastest Mac OS desktop environment for DV-format content creation
and streaming media workflow in the industry. “Because our video codec
is entirely software-based, our tools – which already offer the
fastest rendering times in the market – can easily leverage any
performance increase in host processors like those recently announced
by Apple. By integrating this scalable performance into our products,
Digital Origin is maximizing the huge investment our customers make in
their hardware systems.”

The current version of EditDV is available directly through
Digital Origin or through authorized resellers. The updated codec is
available to registered EditDV 2.0 owners free of charge from
The EditDV package includes the EditDV software application,
Digital Origin RotoDV for painting and special effects, Digital Origin
PhotoDV for still image capture, Media Cleaner EZ 4.0 from Terran
Interactive, SpiceRack Pro Lite from Pixelan Software, and a Digital
Origin 1394 IEEE FireWire card and cable for $599. A software-only
version is available for $499.

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