Media 100 i: The Newest Addition to the Media 100 Family

Media 100 i is a unique interactive streaming production solution,
enabling customers to capture, edit, author, encode and publish video
to the Internet within a seamless streaming media workflow on a single

Unlike more traditional approaches to content creation for the
Internet, Media 100 i creates a new workflow paradigm for Internet
broadcasters and web designers within a single solution. This approach
is a shift away from traditional linear production of one-way video to
a dynamic production process that enables creation of interactive,
multi-dimensional streaming media.

Media 100 systems that are fully compliant with the new family of
Power Mac G4 systems from Apple will begin shipping imminently and
will include Media 100 models le DV, lx, xe, xs and xr. The Media 100
i will be available in the Fall, 2000.

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