MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) – Digital Origin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Media 100,
announced today that it has further simplified the
streaming media production workflow by providing universal FireWire
compatibility in the Windows versions of its EditDV and IntroDV line
of digital video editing products. Leveraging compatibility with the
Open Host Connectivity Interface (OHCI) standard, which allows any
compliant device to connect to a PC and which is the widely adopted
standard for IEEE 1394 FireWire support, users of all levels can
create high-quality DV productions for the web, broadband networks,
CD-ROM multimedia presentations or tape.

Digital Origin customers with PCs that have built-in FireWire
support, such as those from Gateway, Compaq, and the Sony Vaio, or PCs
with FireWire interface from ADS, SIIG, OrangeMicro, Canopus and
others, as well as Digital Origin’s deluxe FireWire interface, will
now be able to use the lower-priced software-only versions of these
two content creation products for their streaming media projects.
Support for this interface makes Digital Origin content creation
products compatible with virtually all built-in FireWire 1394 ports
and add-in cards.

“With these new versions of EditDV and IntroDV, we are opening the
door for huge numbers of users to make the transition to streaming,”
said Digital Origin Product Manager Mike Micheletti. “These products
are a key component in the streaming media workflow, whether you are a
traditional videographer or an enthusiast just getting into streaming.
By making EditDV and IntroDV compatible with the hardware that many
professionals and would-be enthusiasts already have, we’re providing a
much wider audience with affordable access to powerful content
creation capability and encoding tools for direct web streaming

EditDV also includes Terran Interactive’s Media Cleaner EZ, the
“de facto” standard for compression and encoding tool for streaming

The new software-only version of EditDV for Windows retails for
$499 and includes all the features that have made EditDV famous as a
professional, native DV non-linear editor. The new software-only
version of IntroDV is priced at $79. IntroDV is designed for users new
to video editing and DV technology, including everything needed on
Microsoft Windows 95/98 to make a QuickTime movie and e-mail it to
friends, family or colleagues, post it to the web or save it to tape
or CD-ROM.

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