FAST Takes Native DV Editing To The Express Track With purple

Munich, Germany, July 14, 2000. FAST Multimedia AG is proud to present the latest addition to the FAST-Studio product family: purple–the new standard in native DV editing. As part of the FAST Broadcast & Professional group, purple is based our award winning FAST-Studio UI (user interface) software, bringing unmatched creative potential to the DV professional.

purple, shipping in August 2000, brings FAST-Studio to a new level of price and performance. No longer is an editor forced to choose between native DV editing and a compromise in software performance. Unlimited layers of Video, Audio and Graphics along with professional editing tools like three-point editing, over-write or film style. Keyframe based effects and filter editors, CG, batch capture and print-to-tape. Real-time audio mixing, and real-time EQ, Maximizer and Echo audio effects.

FAST-Studio is modern software based entirely on new 32-bit code, developed exclusively for the Windows NT operating system. Unlike systems based on old code, FAST-Studio takes full advantage of a computers emerging power, offering advantages like Instant Save, Multi-Processor support and Multi-Threaded kernels. This lets the user focus on editing and not waiting.

purple utilizes a new DV software codec, developed by FAST and offers extremely responsive scrubbing and access to DV files. purple offers powerful options such as FAST-Studio XL, purple.InTime and purple.Control, giving editors unlimited possibilities while editing. “With purple, we look to capture the DV professional, giving the editor high-end software at an incredible savings” says Reiner Belmeir, CEO of FAST Multimedia’s Broadcast and Professional Group.

purple is available as a turnkey solution from FAST’s professional dealer channel and can be configured to fit the editors needs. Based on the same FAST-Studio software available on silver. With purple, the user gets proven, field tested software in a reliable turnkey editing solution.

purple will be available from FAST Professional Dealers beginning in August. All published options will be available with the release. Complete turnkey systems for around US$10,000.

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