Denver, CO – Telsoft Corporation, a leader in Denver website design and
database technologies, announced today the launch of MYWITNESSNEWS.COM. This
website has unique video functions that allow users to send their own home
videos to the website, where they can be shared with thousands of viewers on
the World Wide Web.

Visitors to the website can send their own videos over the Internet, where
they are previewed by MYWITNESSNEWS.COM staffers before release. Once
released, anyone in the world can view and “rate” the videos. The site uses
several leading edge technologies in combination to create the world’s first
user-generated Internet news channel. Video is encoded via a special process
so all Internet users can view the video regardless of their connection
speed. The video segments can include commercials similar to those seen on
broadcast TV, but with special links that allow viewers to visit the
advertisers’ website.

“We’re very excited about video on the web,” stated Telsoft Corporation VP
Mike Higgins. “We believe in these new technologies and the promise that
they bring for consumers and advertisers alike. By creating the first
user-generated news channel on the Internet we hope to blaze a trail that
will inspire others!”

Visitors to the website are encouraged to take video footage they’ve shot
and “upload” it to the MYWITNESSNEWS.COM website. The video is transferred
from regular computer video to special Internet video “on the fly” so almost
any video camera and computer owner can use the special features of the
site. Telsoft Corporation utilizes a technology called “streaming media” to
deliver Internet video from it’s custom multimedia database to the Internet

“We’ve made the process so simple even an adult can do it!” quipped VP
Creative Jock Mirow. “We had to stick by our motto of ‘shoot it, send it,
share it’ to create a system that was virtually foolproof and fun. It’s
really interesting seeing what people send – you can spend hours just
watching and learning!”

This is the first of several video-based website offerings Telsoft
Corporation plans to launch in
the upcoming year.

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