Media 100 Unveils Streaming Media Solution Optimized for Internet Broadcasters

MARLBORO, Mass.—June 27, 2000–Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA),
the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming
media on the Internet, today announced significant enhancements to its
industry-leading streaming media production solution – iFinish. With
the launch of its newest version iFinish 3.2, Media 100 has optimized
iFinish to meet the stringent demands of Internet broadcasters and streaming media content providers by developing key features
such as unlimited file size support, dual-head graphics support and
Windows 2000 compliance.

“Media 100 is continuously pushing the innovation curve with our
streaming solutions – as Internet broadcasters become more
sophisticated, their need for more sophisticated tools becomes even
greater,” said Mike Savello, director of marketing for Media 100.
“This new version of iFinish enables our customers to work with more
than 2 hours of video content at a time, simplifying the entire
creation process. For the first time ever, Internet broadcasters can
create streaming content from start to finish, regardless of file
size. It’s this kind of technology innovation that keeps Media 100 at
the forefront of streaming media.”

“We developed iFinish with Internet broadcasters in mind – we
understand the challenges of creating large amounts of content for
streaming, and we understand how to develop solutions that simplify
this process for our customers,” added Charlie Mascari, iFinish
product line manager for Media 100. “iFinish is providing our
customers with an elegant approach to creating streaming content for
the Internet. Windows 2000 compliance, dual-monitor support and
greater than 2GB video file support results in a powerful,
high-performance, robust and stable platform for professional
streaming media production.”

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