SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – Videometry, Inc., the brainchild of award-winning
producers Steve Gianfermo and Sean Frame, announced its foray into the
royalty-free stock footage market with the launch of and
a refreshing approach: more high quality clips that run longer at a
reasonable price is better.

We’re offering the solution for the desktop video producer in the digital
age who needs web-ready content, says Gianfermo, president of the new
company. For producers who need stock footage, continues Gianfermo, I
noticed a real problem with the content available from other stock footage
houses: the number of clips available on a royalty free basis, the length
of the clips and the quality of the footage itself sometimes leaves a lot to
be desired. And since we own countless hours of high-quality, BetacamSP
masters from twenty years of shooting and producing, it seemed natural to
put our footage out for other producers.

Videometry’s vast library of footage includes some spectacular shots of San
Francisco, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Cable Cars to the downtown skyline
that is as dramatic as anything you could find in any stock footage library.
They also have a huge collection of one subject that is hard to find in
other collections: people.

People shots are problematic”, continues Gianfermo, “because you need full
releases if you want to use them, so many stock footage houses have a
limited selection. But every one of our people shots have full releases.

While all Videometry footage is available on tape formats, the format of
choice for many producers is digitized on CD-ROM. To create their CDs,
Videometry compresses its images in QuickTime at 320 x 240, at 15 fps, and
using Sorenson VBR codec for the highest quality compressed imagery
available on the market today.

At launch, Videometry offers three CD-ROM titles: People, Volume 1; Scenic
San Francisco, Volume 1; and Variety, Volume 1. The first two are
self-explanatory; the third title, Variety, includes shots in the categories
of Aerial Scenes, Buildings and Architecture, Food, Picture Postcard Views
and Transportation. Each of the titles contain 25 digitized clip,
QuickTime software and a custom browser for browsing the clip collection.

Coming soon are the titles Food & Drink, Business Blue Collar, Business
White Collar, Landmark San Francisco, People Leisure Lifestyles and People
Active Lifestyles.

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