Play Announces Availability of Trinity Software Version 2.1

Today at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, Play Incorporated announced availability of a new software upgrade for its award-winning Trinity video production system. The new version, Trinity 2.1, adds several new features to Trinity’s software applications as well as performance enhancements and new real-time video effects content.

Trinity combines all the traditionally separate tools of a television production studio into a single, easy-to-use product. It is redefining video production by providing integrated, broadcast quality capabilities unmatched by competing equipment costing several times the price. Trinity systems are highly customizable to meet user needs, and can be configured to include a digital component production switcher, real-time 3D warp DVE effects, hybrid linear / non-linear editor, still and clip store, character generator, virtual sets and paint and animation capabilities in a single system.

Trinity 2.1 is based on six months of interactive feedback with Trinity 2.0 customers all over the world. Software development focused efforts in three areas for this upgrade: overall performance, better user workflow and improved stability with all system configurations. Performance improvements include faster clip grab updating in all Trinity applications, resulting in smoother feedback on the PC user interface. Non-linear video scrubbing was also dramatically improved. User workflow improvements include non-linear support for AutoBeats, allowing easy creation of edit points which correspond to an underlying audio track. A graphical display of the 3-band parametric equalizer also now allows audio EQ adjustments to be easily understood. A new “Transition Lock” mode allows easy interactive timeline editing of transition effects. Known for its cutting-edge real-time video processing capabilities, additional real-time video effects content in Trinity 2.1 include multiple-source, multiple-destination DVE effects with animating graphics. Extensive testing was also undertaken to ensure the new 2.1 software functioned correctly in a wide variety of live and editing situations.

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