JVCs New MiniDV/Super VHS Dual VCR

Wayne, NJ (April 21, 2000) – JVC, one of the world’s leading developers and
manufacturers of audio-visual consumer electronics and multimedia, is
introducing a new 2-in-1 video deck that incorporates both MiniDV and Super
VHS VCRs in one unit. This new model, the HR-DVS1, is ready to meet the
demand from among the ever growing number of MiniDV camcorder owners who are
looking for an easier way to watch and dub their DV footage. MiniDV is
undeniably the de facto standard in digital camcorders, while Super VHS
allows flexible dubbing and editing at the highest quality levels available
in analog video. By bringing MiniDV and Super VHS together in a single
“box”, JVC gives users one-touch viewing and dubbing of their MiniDV
recordings, with no cable connections necessary, providing an easy way to
store high quality DV images in the form of high resolution Super VHS
recordings, or dubbed to standard VHS cassettes that can be shared with
virtually anybody who owns a VCR. Integration also enables a wide variety
of advanced features – like automatic DV-to-S-VHS Random Assemble Editing.
After you’re done shooting, you can have an easy time enjoying the results
with an HR-DVS1 in your home.

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