Hitachi’s New Multi-Function Time-Lapse Recorder/Playback System

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, LVCC Booth #L7507, April 10, 2000 – The new SR-800 smart
time lapse recorder (STLR) from Hitachi Denshi America Ltd. is making its NAB
debut this year. The SR-800 has an extensive feature set and is designed to
meet the many needs of network communications. It can be used as both a
digital playback and recording device and can be remotely controlled via a
LAN connection. A removable DVD-RAM drive is used as the SR-800’s
recording medium, and the recorder operates with the same ease as a standard
time lapse VTR. The recorder uses a JPEG compression system.

With features such as network communication capability, one-shot
recording, superior image quality, long recording time, pre-alarm recording,
repeat recording and quick search, the SR-800 is well suited for suited for a
wide variety of applications.

The SR-800 has a maximum recording time of 1,500 hours and recording
capacity of 2.6GB. Any combination of compression ratio, pixel count, and
recording time can be entirely determined by the operator. Various recording
modes, such as time lapse, one-shot, alarm or timer, can also be selected by
the user. By using the timer or alarm signal, the SR-800 can be set to record
automatically. And scenes shot before an alarm signal starts can be recorded
by using the pre-alarm recording function.

When the SR-800 is connected to a personal computer via a LAN connection,
video information can be remotely searched, played back, downloaded or
printed out. Record modes such as record interval and video quality can be
remotely controlled via an RS-232C or RS-485 port.

A recording capacity of up to 100GB can be achieved with a built-in hard
disk drive in place of the DVD-RAM and external hard disk drive. With a
built-in hard disk drive, the SR-800 can simultaneously record and playback.

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