Applied Magic Unveils New Turnkey At NAB 2000

Video appliance pioneer, Applied
Magic, Inc. unveiled Sequel, its newest nonlinear video production
appliance during the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual
Expo, NAB2000, in Las Vegas, Nev. Expo attendees were able to test-drive a new, more full-featured version of software for
Applied Magic’s premier video production appliance, ScreenPlay.

Sequel will empower the mainstream business market to produce
professional-quality training, promotional, and educational videos, as
well as Internet content for enhancing communication and the
advancement of business and educational pursuits, said David
Newman, co-founder and chief technical officer for Southern
California-based Applied Magic. Sequel is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use
and will appeal to individuals and companies looking for a potent
entry-level video production system.

Sequel is a complete, PC-free video production appliance designed to
optimize video production while eliminating the hassle of system
configuration or add-on boards. Like ScreenPlay, Sequel offers an
intuitive interface, real-time effects engine and advanced Wavelet
compression technology.

Sequel targets the education, religious and small business markets
companies, groups and individuals looking to incorporate the benefits of
an in-house media department without the cost or steep learning curve
associated with elaborate video editing production systems.

We are becoming a more visual-oriented society, and companies,
educational institutions and religious groups are recognizing the value in
creating video content for informing, inspiring and educating their
publics, said Newman. But many of these groups do not have the
money, time, staff or video editing expertise to support an in-house
media department. Sequel eliminates these barriers. It’s affordable,
installs in minutes and easy to learn. Just plug it in, connect it to a
monitor or television, attach your AV source, and start editing.

A streamlined version of ScreenPlay, Sequel has many of the same
features that prompted a leading video trade publication to honor
ScreenPlay as its TurnKey Nonlinear Editing Appliance of 1999.

Sequel’s features include:


* Real-time transitions and special effects, including 2-D, color e.g.
page-turns, titles and interpolated slow motion
* Real-time white balancing of video in post production
* Trim, cut and paste, drag and drop
* Video scrubbing
* Titler with outline or shadow character abstraction and extrusion
* Adjustable video speed, including strobe


* Real-time scrubbing
* Real-time mixing of 4-stereo channels
* Fade in/out
* Balance control

In addition, Sequel supports S-video, composite video and optional
DV-1394; easily interfaces with standard display devices – a computer
monitor, video monitor or television, and comes with a mouse and
custom keyboard. Sequel lists at $1,995 and ships with a 14 Gigabite
EIDE hard drive, custom keyboard and mouse, 32x CD-ROM drive,
numerous customizable effects and transitions and a titling package.
Sequel with the DV option lists for $2995.

Sharing the spotlight with Sequel will be ScreenPlay with its latest
software upgrade, Version 1.3. Version 1.3 provides video editors with
even more tools for creating professionally enhanced videos for the
prosumer, corporate, educational, wedding, event and broadcast

Like Sequel, ScreenPlay is a revolutionary, turnkey, nonlinear video
production appliance. While Sequel is designed for the mass business
market and consumer hobbyist, ScreenPlay’s higher-end feature set
appeals to a higher-end professional video producer.

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