Alliance Partners to Simplify Streaming Media

LAS VEGAS–April 11, 2000–In a major press conference at NAB 2000
today that promises to set the tone for Internet broadcasters and the
burgeoning streaming media marketplace, Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ:MDEA)
and Digital Origin (NASDAQ:DODV) will announce the formation of a
strategic streaming media alliance of leading consumer technology and
Internet innovators. Chartered with simplifying streaming media for
the masses and accelerating adoption of digital video and streaming
media technology – the key components for delivering video over the
Internet – Canon U.S.A., Inc., Beatnik Inc. and Kensington Digital have joined the streaming media alliance and are primary
contributors to the development and launch of its first online
initiative –

This newly announced alliance heralds some of the most powerful
brands in the consumer technology and streaming media marketplace and
is driven by strategic partnerships between Canon, Beatnik Inc.,
Kensington Digital, Media 100, Digital Origin, Terran
Interactive and Wired. The first alliance of its kind to leverage such
breadth of expertise, the streaming media alliance will also unveil
today its first initiative toward its charter –, the world’s first web site dedicated to teaching new
and experienced video enthusiasts the basics of streaming media,
includes unique content that promotes understanding of the complete
process of shooting, editing and streaming video over the Internet.

Focused on accelerating adoption of key streaming technology, and
capitalizing on three major market trends – the explosion of DV
camcorder adoption, the ubiquity of IEEE 1394 (FireWire(R)) ports
available in all new personal computers and the tremendous growth of
streaming media on the Internet – the streaming media alliance is
committed to the development of groundbreaking initiatives, solutions
and tools designed to enable videomakers to create and deliver
personalized streaming media content on the Internet. “We are bringing
together some of the most innovative companies in the world to
essentially demystify streaming media over the Internet,’ said John
Molinari, chief executive officer of Media 100. “The enabling tools
are here today, and because of the efforts of these industry leaders
and, we’re putting those tools, resources and solutions
within easy reach of anyone looking to stream video over the

“The combination of a digital camcorder, a personal computer and
easy-to-use software for creating and publishing video for the Web
enables millions of consumers world-wide to become Internet
broadcasters,” said Yukiaki Hashimoto, vice president and general
manager, Photographic Products Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Partnering
with Media 100, Digital Origin and the other partners in the streaming
media alliance to promote is a powerful way for Canon
to educate our DV camcorder customers on the next wave in home video –
streaming media. Through links to from the Canon web
site, we will help our customers learn how easy it is to make great
looking movies for the Internet. This educational experience is
clearly an opportunity to expand the market for all the alliance

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