Popcast Launches Free, Self-Service Personal Video Webcasting

By Stephen Muratore

December 8, Streamingmedia Conference, San Jose Convention Center

Popcast (www.popcast.com) announced Monday the launch of a free video streaming service aimed at makers of video and Website managers. The service offers free hosting and video streaming to all video content providers for up to 10 MB of files. The videographer can upload digital video files in any format (avi, mov, MPEG etc). Popcast encodes the files, adds short video ads to the beginning and end of each video file (yes, that’s one way the free service makes money)and creates a Web page with an embedded streaming player ready to play the video to all comers. The user can elect to have his video encoded in either Real or NetShow formats. Users with existing Web sites can link from their existing sites to their video streaming pages made through the Popcast service. In addition, the service enables the end user to immediately e-mail text announcements or html “postcards” with links to the newly-posted page and video. Popcast acquisition, ITV.net encodes and hosts the video.

Popcast also seeks Website partners that can implant its “do-it-yourself streaming video” service into their sites. Popcast can work through any of a number of revenue-generating arrangements with Web site managers, allowing site managers to continue to hold all ownership of their content, and limiting the Popcast presence on the host site to a tiny “powered by Popcast” logo. This is notably different from other services, such as broadcast.com which seeks its own branding of content.

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