Microsoft Demonstrates Version 4 Tools for Windows Media Technologies at Streamingmedia Conference

Microsoft Demonstrates Windows Media Technologies at Streamingmedia Conference

By Stephen Muratore

December 9, Streamingmedia Conference, San Jose Convention Center

Microsoft spokesmen at the Streamingmedia Conference announced several improvements for the company’s streaming media tools and applications. Among other advances, the bundle of Windows Media Tools now include:

Media Encoder which supports Intelligent Streaming, i.e. the ability to produce up to six video bands in a single file with data rates ranging from 16 kbps to 3 Mbps. Each user gets the file streamed at the bitrate best for his own connection speed.

On-Demand Producer which translates avi and wav files to asf, includes a number of video editing features, enables markers and script commands for cuing attending text, images and html pages, and oncludes automatic html page generation.

Other tools, such as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere which allows this popular program to output directly into asf format, PowerPoint addins for streaming slideshows, and Media Cleaner EZ for QuickTime-to-asf conversion.

Windows Media Tools are available free from Microsoft’s Web site, or on a $10 JumpStart CD available from

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