Pinnacle Systems Announces USB Version Of Studio PCTV

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., 10/11/99Pinnacle Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ:
PCLE – news) today announced the USB version of its Studio PCTV product.
The new USB version is an external device that lets consumers watch TV,
listen to FM radio and create their own videos on a PC.

Pinnacle Systems’ Studio PCTV is ideal for home users who want to upgrade
their PC so they can watch TV while surfing the Internet, downloading
information or sending e-mail. In addition, the included Studio software lets
consumers edit their own videos to remember special moments, vacations,
weddings, etc., and turn endless camcorder tapes into entertaining highlight
videos. Consumers can also add video footage from television sources to their
personal videos.

A key benefit of the USB version of Studio PCTV is its easy installation
procedure. Because the new external version of PCTV utilizes a USB
interface, users can add digital video to their computers without having to open
the PC case and install cards.

Studio PCTV USB, integrates a 125-channel TV tuner, an FM radio tuner, the
easy-to-use PCTV Vision viewing and recording software and the innovative
Snapshot feature. Snapshot gives consumers the ability to capture stills from
their favorite TV shows or video source with the click of a button; the all-new
PCTV Vision software lets viewers channel surf on their PC to find their favorite
programs, and turns the PC into a digital VCR, allowing the recording and
playback of TV shows.

In addition to TV viewing and recording capabilities, Studio PCTV USB
includes Pinnacle Systems award winning Studio video editing software, which
includes features that enable consumers to add music, titles, narration,
graphics transitions and special effects to their own videos. Consumer can
capture footage from their camcorder tapes and combine it with footage
captured from TV shows and movies. The edited videos can be shared in a
variety of formats, including AVI, MPEG1 or streaming RealVideo for e-mail or
Web sites.

“PCTV brings a whole new dimension to the PC,” said Bill Loesch, vice
president of the consumer group at Pinnacle Systems. “In addition to bringing
consumers TV viewing and recording capabilities, we are enabling them to edit
and create their own video content for distribution online. And with the
plug-and-play ease of the new USB connection, PCTV will change the way
consumers look at their PC.”

Pinnacle Systems’ Studio PCTV USB will be shipping in October 1999, and
the product will be available through computer retail outlets and superstores,
mail order and Internet retailers in the United States and Canada. The
suggested retail price is $99.95.

About Pinnacle Systems
Pinnacle Systems’ broadcast, desktop, and consumer groups provide video
professionals and consumers, the digital video editing tools needed to create
fun and exciting productions faster and more affordably than ever before.
Pinnacle Systems may be reached at (650) 526-1600.

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