FreeFX is a line of 20 Free effects (Page peels, oil drops, bouncing balls and other DVEs) for use in Adobe Premiere. The package is free and available for download from the companies Web site. FreeFX plugins are software based and do not require any special acceleration hardware. Using any Pinnacle card will, according to Pinnacle Systems, accelorate the plugins to “Faster than real time rendering.” What’s the catch? Well the catch is that if you don’t have any Pinnacle hardware you get a small “P” embossed in the lower corner of your rendered video transition.

Artel Software:
Boris Effects 4.0. The new release has modified it’s old fixed one window interface to a multi-window tabbed window interface. New features include; real-time RAM preview, Bezier animation controls, drag and drop “containers” for creating 3D DVE’s, and more. MSRP $695

Boris Effects AE 3.0. The latest release of the popular After Effects plugin adds a wealth of new features including: 3D Extruded text, Custome Shape 3D Image Shatter system, Edge Lighting, Noise Map and Cloud Generator, AE 4.0 Extended plug-in architecture support and more than 55 filters. MSRP $695

Boris Red. This new product from Artell is expected to ship within a month or two. Characterized by Technical Product Management Director, Olivier Karfis as “Borris 4.0 on Steroids,” the Alpha build of Red is quite similar to Boris Effects 4.0 but adds true 3D text and the ability to move any media in a 3D space, including video clips. Boris Red works within Premiere just as other filters and transitions. In the demo I saw two video clips were applied to a flat plane and moved so that they intersected at a 90 degree angle. Text handling features include RTF import, title rolls, crawls and 3D extrusion. Another feature Boris Red will include is the ability to accept After Effects plugins allowing users to use After Effects Plugins without switching out of Premiere.