San Antonio, August 25, 1999- NewTek, manufacturer of3D animation and video production products, today announced the Video Toaster for Windows is shipping to dealers worldwide at a SRP of $2995. The new Video Toaster is the heir to the original Video Toaster for the Amiga, which helped to initiate the desktop video revolution in 1990.

The Video Toaster offers users a suite of tools for video creation including many essential components for video editing, compositing and 2D/3D animation. This uncompressed D1 (Composite, Component, Y/C), Windows NT solution provides a level of price/performance that’s unmatched in the industry. Unique to the Video Toaster is a breakthrough technology developed by NewTek that turns a standard Pentium II or III processor into a highly specialized video DSP (digital signal processor) for time base correction and other capabilities typically associated with expensive custom chipsets. “By using an extremely efficient, proprietary assembly language code, we are able to use the computer’s processor to emulate tens of thousands of dollars of specialized video hardware,” said Tim Jenison, founder and CEO of NewTek. “Because of this, the Video Toaster is superior to sophisticated systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars.”

The Video Toaster, which includes a version of LightWave 3D animation software, Aura paint and compositing software and in-syncs Speed Razor 4.5 SE video editing software, requires no proprietary drives. Complete systems capable of editing up to an hour of video can be assembled for as little as $8000.

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